From Point A to Point B and Beyond

“Bruce found us a qualified candidate for a tough to fill channel sales position in a matter of weeks. We had worked on our own for several months to no avail. Bruce took the time to understand exactly what we were looking for and presented us with well qualified candidates. He was able to quickly hone in on the right profile—this was a very efficient and professionally managed engagement.”

Jeff Barovich
Vice President of Sales





About Us

Bruce Allen

There are many reasons why business leaders and hiring managers lose sleep at night. One of the most prevalent causes of concern is the challenge associated with finding and hiring top talent, a daunting task in a competitive and ever-changing market. Bruce has a unique perspective on this issue. For over a decade, he led sales, marketing, and services organizations with growing technology companies, ranging from start-up Teamstudio to stalwart RSA Security. He regularly faced an urgent need to meet his hiring objectives and in turn, move the needle on scaling his business.

Bruce combines this firsthand knowledge with his expert guidance and comprehensive recruitment services. He derives passion from helping his clients build their teams and thus grow their business. Similarly, he enjoys guiding talented people to join up with the best, brightest, and most promising high-growth companies around.

Bruce’s clients rely upon him to provide counseling on their specific human capital needs, thus stacking the deck in their favor on attaining a successful outcome. Bruce’s achievements speak for themselves and as a result, his clients sleep a bit better at night.