From Point A to Point B and Beyond

“We contracted Bruce to fill our newly created, key and cornerstone VP Sales position. We required an absolute match to our sales and relationship approach, experience across several key categories, the ability to open opportunities, close sales, and start, grow, and manage a sophisticated sales organization within the company. We needed a heavy-hitter with real experience and existing relationships who would roll-up their sleeves, work from scratch, and make things happen. Bruce worked quickly to gain an astoundingly deep and wide understanding of our business, our approach to our work, and the nuanced set of requirements—strategic, tactical, cultural, and emotional—that would best define the right candidate. In unexpected short-order we met, talked with, and hired the second candidate that Bruce sent over—an absolute match and more—three months into it and the move has exponentially increased the profile of the business. We believed we had set our expectations too high, and Bruce appeared to easily exceed them. We recommend him to our allies, and have tried to keep him a secret from our competitors.”

Joshua Sinel

What Works and What Doesn't Work


“The only thing more extraordinary than great talent is those few who can identify it.

What Doesn’t Work

  • Relying upon typical recruiters that merely troll their database, trying to recycle candidates over and over again, hoping to convince you of a match.
  • Using recruiters that utilize inferior reactive search methods, like web postings, hoping to attract a few suitable active candidates.
  • Wasting your time with recruiters that ultimately throw mounds of spaghetti against the wall (i.e. submit numerous poorly qualified resumes to you), hoping that some of it sticks.
  • Trying to do it all yourself, hoping that your own network or job postings will save you time and money – only to find that this is not an effective nor scalable approach to building your team with top talent.

What Works – Point B Search

  • Working with a search professional that understands the dynamics of the talent market and knows how to build and articulate the messaging such that you are favorably positioned as the opportunity of choice.
  • Working with a search professional that proactively seeks out top tier candidates one by one and conducts extensive interviewing as if he were the hiring manager.
  • Working with a search professional that knows how to leverage a multi-channel well established network consisting of thousands of business contacts and partnering search firms across North America.
  • Partnering with a search professional that goes to the painstaking effort to learn about your business, the market, and the role, executing each search afresh and with the same level of urgency you feel about building your business.
  • Entrusting a proven search professional who also spent years as a hiring manager, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding hundreds of people – both in entrepreneurial small start-up environments as well as larger and more mature organizations.